Working Papers

These are (non-sensitive) working papers of mine in various states of progression (and disarray!). Comments are most welcome. The work is the property of the authors.

Spatial Patterns of HIV Incidence in Mississippi: A Picture of Inequality and Disease, Peter S. Larson, Mark L. Wilson, Download PDF

Areas of Past Conflict Determine Current Malaria Risk in Post-Civil War Angola,
Peter S. Larson, Mark L. Wilson, Download PDF

And no longer working, but published papers:

Larson P, Mathanga D, Campbell C, Wilson M: Distance to health services influences insecticide-treated net possession and use among six to 59 month-old children in Malawi. Malaria Journal 2012, 11:18-18. HERE

Yadav P, Cohen J, Alphs S, Arkedis J, Larson P, Massaga J, Sabot O: Trends in availability and prices of subsidized ACT over the first year of the AMFm: evidence from remote regions of Tanzania. Malaria Journal 2012, 11:299. HERE

Larson P, Akira K, Koji L, Noriko W, Takeo T: Knowledge and practices of malaria prevention with ITNs in post-and near-elimination areas of Vanuatu. Malaria Journal 2012, 11. HERE

Smith GR, Badgley C, Eiting TP, Larson PS: Species diversity gradients in relation to geological history in North American freshwater fishes. EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY RESEARCH 2010, 12:693-726. HERE

2 responses to “Working Papers”

  1. Michael says :

    Good day Dr Moses Musaazi,

    please my name is Michael, i completed Kwame Nkruma University of Seince And Technology in Ghana. i read Indusrial Art and majored in Ceramics Ingineering, my project was on, “The Effect Of Lime And Additive As Stabilizer In Clay For Building Constrution” to inprove the lifes of deprived people in Ghana and Africa at large.

    please i have really appreciated your technology and am interested to know more about it. With all due respect Dr.Moses i believe you can help me improve on my project and touch the lifes of my brothers and sisters who cant afford a place to sleep.
    I will be greatly grateful to hear from you, hope to hear from you soon.
    please my email address is


  2. Ric says :

    I worked in a Conservation NGO called HEC and record music. I was enriched by your Cambodia piece with Map of per capita pounds of bombs, etc..Agreeing with your conclusion, I’ve long thought weapons sales as the only consistently successful goal of US use of force in foreign policy since The Korean War. Thanks!

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