I paid a bribe: part 2

Same thing. Wrong way down an unmarked one way. Cop at the end. After arguing with him for a bit, I threw 1000 schillings at him and just left.

About Pete Larson

Researcher at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. Lecturer in the University of Michigan School of Public Health and at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I do epidemiology, public health, GIS, health disparities and environmental justice. I also do music and weird stuff.

4 responses to “I paid a bribe: part 2”

  1. Leonard Sequeira says :

    Hahahahaha! You and one way streets.

    Take comfort – its the way things are done over there, in fact in most of the rest of the world.

    And take comfort too that you are still in Africa. I have just returned to London to look after my ageing Mum and I aint liking it one bit. I am not sure how we managed to get my passport back from Immigration an hour before I was due to fly out but I wouldnt be surprised if some lubrication was applied.

  2. Pete Larson says :

    Nairobi and their arbitrary one way streets!

    The first time, my American instincts kicked in and I was polite and lost $100. This time I just yelled at the guy and threw $10 at him and left.

    I was in Zimbabwe once where they confiscate your passport to even merely change planes. The whole time I was trying to figure out how much I was going to have to pay to get it back. I didn’t get it back until 2 minutes before boarding the flight but fortunately, didn’t have to pay!

  3. Teri says :

    90% of the time I argue – and win – in Malawi. But that 10%!!!! Makes me feel sick inside.

  4. Pete Larson says :

    Here, it is assumed that you’ll have to pay something. The people who try to do the right thing and go to court, etc. are the real losers. Not only will you be out $1000, but you’ll spend days in line waiting.

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