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Today’s Readings 1/6/2013

1. Data vigilante sets out to weed out the data fraudsters. It’s an unfortunate consequence of the absurd push to only publish statistically significant results. (Atlantic)

2. Though guns are credited with reducing crime, the causal factors of which are incredibly dubious, data suggests that the reduction in lead levels might be a better predictor. Wouldn’t that be a hoot. The EPA (rather than the NRA) might be keeping people from killing one another. (Mother Jones)

3. China is set for change, assuming it doesn’t start trading shots with Japan (NYT)

4. Post-racial America hates black people more in 2012 than in 2008 and incarcerates more black people than were enslaved in 1850. (NYT)

5. Goldfinger’s plan to irradiate gold stocks and drive up prices for his own gain was anachronistic. In the 21st century, he would be on Wall Street. “Goldfinger would envy latest taxpayer shakedown” (Bloomberg)

6. Japan’s future depends on gender equality. In practical terms, marginalizing half a country’s potential workforce makes little economic sense, particularly when the number of potential workers dwindles by the day. (Japan Times)

7. Present day pop music in Japan is as backward looking as its present government (Japan Times)

8. The myth of Africa’s rise: Rising commodity prices have inflated GDP, but a lack of a manufacturing sector will forever hamper true African development. (Foreign Policy)

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