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Local Liberal Blogger Allegedly Threatened With Legal Action for Posting Pictures of Drunken College Republicans

Zatcoff in the Michigan Daily

My friend Mark had his excellent site taken down because he wrote about the child pictured here.

Normally, this would seem kind of petty, but reading about it reveals that the whole situation bordered on the absolutely ridiculous.

Justin Zatkoff allegedly picked a fight with his friend, who beat him severely. He then allegedly went to the press and claimed that “liberal thugs,” specifically members of the pro-affirmative action and human rights group, BAMN, beat him in retaliation for his membership in a conservative campus organization. Now, all this is hearsay. I can only speak to what I’ve read on the internet.

The story made the local and national news, not because was actually beaten by liberals, but because he lied about it. For those of us who remember 2008, this brings back fond memories of Ashley Todd, the young lady who claimed that black people beat her for supporting John McCain. Turns out, she did it to herself.

Now, Zatkoff is pursuing a JD at University of Detroit and interning at the office of a federal judge, who happens to have the same last name. Zatkoff is busy attempting to hide his embarrassing history. Good luck with that. Zatcoff, on top of the beating, has been featured in the press for a number of other things.

My friend Mark awoke yesterday to find a letter from Zatkoff’s lawyers (or Zatkoff himself) and his site completely blocked. Apparently, Mark is not allowed to use the picture featured in the screen capture above (which is entirely fair use), despite the fact that it is widely available on news sites and blogs all over the internet. While the legality of Zartkoff’s (alleged) heavy handed use of law office letterhead is questionable, Mark is now soliciting people to draw him one by hand.

It would be funny if it weren’t so incredibly pitiful. Both Ashley Todd and Zatkoff specifically and egregiously used race baiting tactics to… well, truthfully, I really don’t know why. The events didn’t play out well for either of them. Regardless, it’s a sad state of affairs.

Note: Everything in this post is based on hearsay and may or may not be true. I am merely reporting things as I read them and as they were related to me.

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