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Barack Obama: Factory Job Killer? Not.

Manufacturing Employees per Capita

I keep reading that Obama has killed manufacturing jobs. The only gains in manufacturing jobs (per capita) since Bush was elected have occurred during Obama’s term. Granted, many of these gains have been the result of factories coming back online after the crash of 07/08, but still, the claims are entirely disingenuous.

Bush never existed. I have to remind myself of this every once in a while.

Manufacturing jobs have been declining for decades, however. There is no evidence that a Romney presidency will change this trend.

It’s also interesting that there were no dramatic gains during Reagan, who is credited with loosening regulations and cutting taxes. Both Bush and Reagan saw steady drops in manufacturing. The only time there has been any stability in the manufacturing sector was during Clinton.

It is even more interesting, that Bush’s manufacturing decline after the collapse of the tech bubble saw neither gains nor a flattening of job numbers, but rather an uninterrupted drop.

I feel as this wasn’t an issue in the election of 2004. It’s debatable as to how much power a President has to determine the state of the economy but the idea that there haven’t been gains in jobs under Barack Obama is just outright fantasy.

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