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Old People Test Physical Limits by Rocking Again on September 8th at Woodruff’s in Ypsilanti, MI

Did we have songs? I don’t remember anything about songs….

At one time, I was in a band. Actually, I’ve been in many, many bands, but only one which lasted any amount of time.

Music has taken me to 48 of the 50 states and multiple trips around the country, through Canada, Europe and from end to end of Japan. Music has taken me to just about every ghetto in the United States, into nearly every small music venue and numerous camping areas west of the Mississippi. Very unfortunately, being in a band doesn’t afford one the time to actually see these places, but I can say that I’ve been there.

A touring band’s life is this:

1) Wake up
2) Drive 8+ hours
3) Arrive to venue at 6
4) Unload 1000 pounds of black boxes
5) Wait 7 hours until showtime (while praying that the venue has free food)
6) Play show
7) Rush off the stage to sell things
8) Fight with venue for payment
9) Pack 1000 pounds of black boxes
10) Sleep somewhere

Repeat daily.

Being in a band was the hardest job I ever had in every respect. It was physically, mentally and spiritually taxing. Imagine have to be a truck driver all day, every day, be an Olympic runner at night, and a commissioned salesman 24 hours a day. This between breaks of moving lots of heavy stuff, trying not to fuck your songs up, and getting paid less than minimum wage for everything. Despite all that, I loved being in a band and very often miss it.

We have not played a show since 2006. In fact, neither of us have played at ALL since 2006. My fingers still hurt. However, as a favor to our friend Mark Maynard, who very sincerely asked us to, we are helping to celebrate the 10 year anniversary at Woodruff’s in Ypsilanti on Saturday, September 8th.

Please come and see us if you can. We’re very excited to have the opportunity to play again. As there probably won’t be a second time (until Mark’s 20 year anniversary), this is your only chance. We sound better than ever.

(I’m not sure that I’ll have Mark play at the Freewheel Burning 10 year anniversary party, but I’m considering it. Perhaps we’ll ask him to do a Ski Troop Attack reunion.)

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