Archive | June 16, 2011

VICTORY! Catherine Ferguson Academy to Remain Open for 2011-2012 School Year

Principal Andrews and Danny Glover

Today we went and checked out what was to be an event in protest of the closing of the Catherine Ferguson Academy for Young Women in Detroit. It turned out, instead, to be a celebration of its remaining open for the next school year. Though the school will become a charter school, CFA will remain as it is, a safe place for young mothers and an example of excellence in a crumbling world… for now.

The turn out for the event was nothing short of inspiring. Present and former state and local politicians showed up to speak, along with a few celebrities, including “Lethal Weapon 3″‘s Danny Glover. Principal Andrews and just about everyone there was moved to tears when she made the formal announcement that the school would remain open. Representatives from many organization, including BAMN and the UAW were on hand to make speeches in support of public schooling and CFA.

While the situation is NOT ideal, let’s hope that law makers see the incredible outpouring of support for CFA and public education. let’s hope that the present trend of privatization, and thus degradation of public schools does not continue.


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