H.R. 3: Republicans Establish Rape Panels for Pregnant Women

Not really, but once again, Republicans have shown that they neither respect nor recognize that women are thinking human beings. Proposed bill H.R.3 attempts to curb federal funding for abortion services, but buried deep in the text are exceptions in the case of “forcible rape” and threats to the life and welfare of mothers.

Of course, the word “forcible” excludes statutory rape of minors, date rape, coercive rape, sexual assault of someone who is unconscious and worse, drugging someone and taking advantage of her while inebriated. Yes, from now on, your 13 year old daughter who has coercive sex with that 30 year creep in your neighborhood will either have to bring that child to term or figure a way to pay for it on her own.

One wonders how Republicans plan to determine whether the rape was forcible or not. Will we have “Rape Panels” who carefully reconstruct the scene of the act, all the while humiliating the victim and judiciously excusing the perpetrator, validating the age old Biblical concept that women are sexually corrupt and inherently flawed? If so, who will preside? Will these be federally appointed “rape experts” who will meticulously analyze the testimonies of all involved, and present their own, Jesus inspired decision as to the level of force used in the sexual act? One can only hope that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the omniscient Michelle Bachmann herself will help weigh in on the decisions of our trusted federal “rape gurus”, lest our tax dollars go to killing the unborn needlessly.

In the end, to Republicans, women are nothing more than walking uterae. One has to wonder about the priorities of a Party which turned something as absolutely necessary of end of life counseling into “death panels,” as if to say that people should merely die in the dark, waiting for mythical beings to enter the room and provide instruction.

Republicans have long sought to deny to the poor what is freely available to the wealthy and white. Long before Roe v. Wade, wealthy white parents would merely send their impregnated daughters to Sweden to obtain abortion services. Irish parents send their children to Britain. Republicans, in hypocritically protecting the sanctity of “life” for all those but their own daughters, force the poor to carry unwanted children to term, exposing their obvious attitudes that women are no better than cattle.

Republicans, you claim to be for individual rights, but clearly care not for the rights and decisions of anyone who isn’t white, male or post-menopausal. You claim to have “jobs” and the “economy” as your priorities, yet you work tirelessly to force your twisted version of morality on America and, though absurd restrictions on foreign aid, the rest of the world. In short, you are no better than the Taliban, subscribing to some twisted version of theology and morality that you continually write to suit your needs.

It’s clear that you, in your fucked up world of power politics and morality, only hope to present this bill to secure votes from a shallow electorate and distract America from your inability to fix an economy vastly outside anyone’s control. It’s a cheap shot, but not surprising. It’s likely that this bill won’t make it to the floor but the sad part is, that we took the bait and here I am writing about it

Michiganders, thank Representative Candice Miller from the thumb, and Rep. Mike Rogers from Livingston county, who both sponsored this bill. Thank the four spineless Democrats who also supported this bill.

Better yet, write them and tell them what assholes they are.

About Pete Larson

Researcher at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research. Lecturer in the University of Michigan School of Public Health and at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I do epidemiology, public health, GIS, health disparities and environmental justice. I also do music and weird stuff.

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