Urgent Appeal for Donations to Free 3 Elderly Women Accused of Witchcraft in Malawi

Hello all,

I am a member and supporter of the Malawi Association of Secular Humanists (ASH). One of their functions is to provide advocacy to persons accused of and imprisoned for, crimes of witchcraft. The accused are often elderly women, living alone. Accusations are often made by children, and crimes are prosecuted with little evidence. Once imprisoned, they must endure the most deplorable of living conditions, and many will not survive their prison sentences.

Three elderly women in Malawi have recently been convicted of witchcraft related crimes and are to serve 12 months in prison. The courts have offered the option of paying a fine to obtain release. The total cost of the fines and transport back to their home villages will be $250 US for all three.

This is not a scam, this is absolutely for real. You are free to contact me if you have any doubts.

I am writing to implore everyone who reads this blog to consider donating to help these women. The sooner they are released, the better.

If you would like to help, please contact me or send donations by PayPal at pslarson2@gmail.com.

More info is below.

Thank you,



I would like to urgently appeal for urgent funds amounting to MK 35, 000 equivalent to US$ 250.00 from all those of good will so that we have three old women released from Maula Prison. These three women are Liness Nkhukuyalira( 83 years) Kanthunkhako Supaunyolo (80 years) and Nurse Nthala(75 years). Their Case No. is 76/10. The Case was held at Msongandeu court in Mvera, Salima.

These ladies have been sentenced to 12 months in Prison BUT there an option for a fine of MK 6000.00 each. They can pay the fine and be released immediately. If not, they will have to serve the custodian sentence of 12 months at Maula prison.

They were sentenced on 13th December 2010 and up to now they cannot find any money and because of this they are serving the sentence. They are old and poor! I was at Maula prison today on 7th January 2011 to see the other persons who are serving sentences and I came across these unfortunate old ladies.

Please colleagues can we help them as soon as possible so that they are released. The money will have to be paid at Msongandeu Court in Salima and then a receipt will be given and a release order. This will then be submitted to Maula prison for their release.

There would be need for an additional MK17 , 000 to cover transport (by car) to and from Salima , i.e to pay the fine and delivery them back to their homes. Therefore in total, MK35,000 would be required.

You can contact Mr Chimwendo, a guard at Maula prison on this number regarding the above matter for confirm; + 265 0 999349601.

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