Archive | September 25, 2010

Americans for Peace Now Israeli Settlement Database

Using what I believe is the Spiegel Settlement Database, Americans for Peace Now have come up with a killer app for the iPhone and and online version in Google Maps where users can track Israeli settlements into Palestinian territory. Not only do you get a map of the settlements that plainly shows the Swiss cheese like nature of Palestine, but you can also click on each of the settlements to get a breakdown of details on the settlement. Americans for Peace Now along with other Israel Peace Now are using the maps to help end Israel’s apartheid-like policies toward Palestine. This becomes all the more important as Israel signals that it will end it’s moratorium on new settlements. Maps add a new level of transparency to human rights and peace issues, and in particular raise the level of accountability of Israel toward Palestine. It is completely true that a picture is certainly worth 1000 words.

“Facts on the Ground: The APN Map Project,” APN’s “App” for iPhone and iPad devices, available also on the web, is a real-time application that provides detail and context for the debate on Israeli settlements in the West Bank. It allows anyone with a computer or a smartphone to access a comprehensive settlements database, integrated with high-tech mapping technologies. APN’s new app will be updated constantly to reflect breaking events and issues in the news, such as new settlement plans and construction, the establishment or removal of outposts, or violent incidents perpetrated by Palestinians or by settlers.”

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