Afghan War Diary 2004-2010

Wikileaks today released an incredible database of military reports of actions in Afghanistan from 2004 to the present. The database includes type of action, number of people killed an wounded and whether the attack was initiated by us or someone else. In addition, it includes geocodes (lat/long coordinates) for every action. I wasted absolutely NO TIME in downloading this 77M beast and IMMEDIATELY started to work on it (despite being on the way to bed!). Here is a map of all attacks in Afghanistan from 2004-2010.
You can see that the diary also includes operations outside of Afghanistan.

I’ve only started doing some rudimentary cleaning and data exploration, but was able to produce maps of civilian killed and wounded. It’s amazingly shocking the extent of the civilian carnage throughout Afghanistan. No region has been left without some measure of blood. Civilian wounded ranges from no deaths to 147 deaths from a particularly heinous IED bombing. Killed ranges from none to 67 in a natural disaster in Bamyan Province. Hardly war related, but the US is still involved militarily, apparently. Maps displaying the incredible extent of loss of civilian life and welfare are below. It’s incredible to me that this war is hardly regional, but touches every habitable area of the country.
Total civilians wounded: 9044
Total civilians killed: 3994

I have yet to do some more interesting analysis on the data, but will be sure to devote time to it this week. This is a really exciting resource.

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