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I was sick all last week with Norwalk. I never realized how absolutely liberating it is to not be hungry, thirsty or desire anything at all physically. I could eat a single bowl of soup and be completely content. Now, I’m back to health and starving and wasting my time eating and foraging for food. I think that the biggest hurdle to our intellectual progress is the continual waste devoted to satisfying our physical needs. It’s really not that I hate food or anything else, it’s that I just simply don’t have time for it. Other people live for it, but they really must hate what they do. I can’t wait to be 86.

The British, on the other hand, have come up with a brilliant strategy: create a cuisine so repulsive that you simply never desire food.

In other news, looking over this blog, I realize what an entirely boring person I am. Other people post fun pictures of themselves socializing, drinking with friends, hanging out with their kids and family, I write posts about discovering new sources of SCOTUS data, and implementations of models of segregation behavior. Other people are posting about newly discovered records and freaky keyboard metal bands, I am posting about Obama’s budget as represented in the New York Times. What the fuck happened to me? I think I was always this way, but grad school has exacerbated the old fogey in me.

Here is Ann Arbor this morning:

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