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Anti Science McCain

Found this on CNN today:

“Mr. McCain has also criticized Mr. Obama’s economic-stimulus plan, saying it has led to wasteful spending. He noted that universities in his home state of Arizona had received stimulus funding to study the division of labor in ant colonies.

“I had no idea so much expertise regarding ants resided in the major universities of my state,” he told reporters at a press conference Tuesday.”

This guy is pathetic. I suppose the only proper uses of money are billions spent on McCain’s cronies. Here’s the research project in question, which McCain surely has not read anything about:

Idiot McCain presents an embarassing document ( of what he deems to be “wasteful spending” and inserts this quip:

“Over the past ten years, the national debt more than doubled as Congress went on a spending spree—and yet we still find ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn.”

I guess he forgot that we had a Republican controlled executive AND Congress for most of those 10 years.

I challenge McCain and Coburn to go and talk to every single one of the people who applied for these grants. Specifically, McCain should get off his lazy ass and go down the street and talked to ASU and let them know how many graduate students they were able to keep on the rolls, and how the insertion of funds in a bad economy can keep the U from laying off support staff, or raising tuition to pay for infrastructure maintenance. Clearly, McCain and Coburn know more about blowing smoke out of their collective asses to appeal to bitter old white guys than they do about the groups of people who rely on these grants and the people who are able to have jobs thanks to them.

End of the line

Hopelessly avoiding writing two papers and studying for a not so difficult exam on Monday. It’s easy to not be motivated by school when one is in school. I just thought about it and this is my fourth year of graduate school. If I hadn’t come to Michigan, I’d probably be finishing this year. But I came here and added a couple of years of poverty, not that anybody can get a job anyway.

Checked out some TK WU tonight, no doubt, that some seriousy good food.

Uhhh, that’s it.

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