Working Papers

These are (non-sensitive) working papers of mine in various states of progression (and disarray!). Comments are most welcome. The work is the property of the authors.

Spatial Patterns of HIV Incidence in Mississippi: A Picture of Inequality and Disease, Peter S. Larson, Mark L. Wilson, Download PDF

Areas of Past Conflict Determine Current Malaria Risk in Post-Civil War Angola,
Peter S. Larson, Mark L. Wilson, Download PDF

And no longer working, but published papers:

Larson P, Mathanga D, Campbell C, Wilson M: Distance to health services influences insecticide-treated net possession and use among six to 59 month-old children in Malawi. Malaria Journal 2012, 11:18-18. HERE

Yadav P, Cohen J, Alphs S, Arkedis J, Larson P, Massaga J, Sabot O: Trends in availability and prices of subsidized ACT over the first year of the AMFm: evidence from remote regions of Tanzania. Malaria Journal 2012, 11:299. HERE

Larson P, Akira K, Koji L, Noriko W, Takeo T: Knowledge and practices of malaria prevention with ITNs in post-and near-elimination areas of Vanuatu. Malaria Journal 2012, 11. HERE

Smith GR, Badgley C, Eiting TP, Larson PS: Species diversity gradients in relation to geological history in North American freshwater fishes. EVOLUTIONARY ECOLOGY RESEARCH 2010, 12:693-726. HERE

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